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Agri-Dealer was created because as a seed dealer myself that has a multi business of ag sales products such as Fieldview, Patriot Equipment, and other seed besides my primary seed of Asgrow and Dekalb.  The invoicing software I was using didn't work at all for other products or services I wanted to provide.  Agridealer is my software solution!

Our Team
Shawn Sullivan AgriDealer Invoicing Software.png
Shawn Sullivan
Owner/President | 308.530.8828
Shawn Sullivan AgriDealer Invoicing Software.png
Craig Softley
Manager | 308.222.0380

I am a 5th generation farmer, from a small rural area in southwest Nebraska. I farm with my dad and brother and hope one day my kids will join us on the farm.  Our farm is proactive with utilizing advanced techonolgy.  Along with farming, I am a Dekalb and Asgrow seed dealer along with selling other small business lines of equipment and supplies.  I stay very active in our surrounding communities and serve as a volunteer emt/firefighter.

I grew up on a small family farm in Southwest Nebraska.  I attended the Colorado School of Mines and have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  I worked in mining and manufacturing helping operations improve performance and optimize business processes for 15 years prior to moving back to Southwest Nebraska.  My wife, Rhea, and I moved back to her family’s farm and ranch and we are the 5th generation operating there today.  I continue to work to improve efficiencies and business performance for others and partnered with Shawn to develop Agri-Dealer.

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