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Why We Developed AgriDealer

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Behind the scenes of the development and a look at the features that set AgriDealer above the rest.

Agri-Dealer was created because as a seed dealer myself that has a multi business of ag sales products such as Fieldview, Patriot Equipment, and other seed besides my primary seed of Asgrow and Dekalb.  

The invoicing software I was using worked ok for my primary seed business but didn’t work at all for anything other thing I wanted to sell or service I wanted to provide.I sat down and asked myself what would I want the invoicing software to do.

For My Customers

For my customers- I want a customer database that keeps their contact information that I can use for quotes, billing, invites, and relationship management. I want a place to keep notes on when that person wants to be contacted during the year or sizes of seeds or maturity ranges they prefer. I maybe want an alert to show up saying to follow up on a previous conversation. I maybe want to upload a map of directions to fields or shop. Inventory- I want to be able to track all of my inventory from seed to any other ag sales products or part. I need to know what I have extra, what I am short, what has been delivered, what I transferred to another company, or what has been returned. Ultimately, I want to be able to allow our users to signal a product they are long or short and for other users on our platform to be able to see the long or short to help everyone manage their inventories.

Quotes & Invoices

This is the biggest headache for anyone in ag sales..”

Farms are getting bigger and getting more shareholders/landlords involved. When we build a quote we don’t know for sure how to package it, so we can put a total number down for the product and then split the product into different packaging on the same line. We may order a large quantity of the same product but it needs to be split different ways with different percentages so we made it so each line item can be split accordingly.

Every product sold seems to have its own discount or have multiple discounts apply on an invoice so we made our invoicing software able to have line item and full invoice capability all set up through our discount manager. The discount manager allows you the flexibility to set up multi company discounts or item specific discounts and choose if it is a dollar, quantity, or percentage based discount with or without requirements from deadline dates, to minimum and maximum units purchased.

2018 is our launch year. We feel confident that our first version has addressed many of our struggles and frustrations with multi business ag sales for invoicing software needs. We hope we have addressed many of your struggles such as what we faced as well and that you are willing to take the time and at least demo our invoicing software and find that it will keep you out in front of your customers and not behind a desk We know there are so many more desires to be had with an invoice software that we are continuing to make improvements and will always welcome feedback on your needs and wants. Look forward to future release of tablet and phone capabilities! Best of luck in your ag sales endeavors!

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