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The Growing Ag
Business Solution
 Software designed by Independent Dealers for Seed Dealers and Small Agri-Businesses

Agri-Dealer is the solution to simplify and grow your agri-business. Using our experience as independent dealers and small agri-business owners we have created a single software program to streamline day-to-day business operations without duplicating efforts. 

AgriDealer Invoicing and Contacts Manager.png

Manage customer profiles including contact information and order history.

Set up call-back notifications. 

Download name/address to print labels for mailings.


Use the in-app calendar to manage your appointments and sync to your personal calendar.

Customer Relations/Data Manager

AgriDealer Inventory Management Software

Manage product inventory from multiple companies.

Initiate, approve and run reports of transfers in and out.

Share product inventory within your team.

Track product deliveries and transfers.

Inventory/Delivery/Transfer Management

Agridealer Cusomize Quoes/Orders Seed Dealers

Create quotes for customers and easily convert the quote to an order. 

Place multiple types of products all on the same invoice

- i.e. seed, equipment, chemicals, and services. 

Apply discounts to individual items on the invoice or product specific discounts. 

Create sub-invoices for multiple customers by product type.

Easily Customize Quotes/Orders/Sales/Invoicing

Agridealer Discounts Management Software for Seed Dealers

Set up discounts to apply to product type and/or product specific. 

Create and share discounts throughout your team.

Allows management of multiple locations

Enhanced Multi-Functional Discounts and Management

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